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Walsoon have been established in Jan. 2007 in HK. Now we have the office in Shenzhen, in the center of Shenzhen electronic components market Huaqiang. After four years development, we have established partner relationship with Rohm and Panasonic, Rohm including full lines components; Panasonic including the Variable resistors and switches. Our electronic components are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, USA and EU through HK. We have indirectly supplying the components to South Korea Samsung, India LG and EU factories.

1. Rohm -- Full lines parts:
EEPROMs : BR24@@, BR25@@, BR93@@, etc. Series
Motor Driver, Power management ICs, Power modules, Contact Image Sensor heads, Printheads.
Those parts are mostly used in all filed of electronic products.
Here we offer you best price and 4-6weeks lead time.
2. Panasonic -- Variable resistors, Potentiometers, Relays
3*3 SMD series EVM3ESX50B@@; 6*6 DIP series EVND2AA03B@@ & EVND8AA03B@@.
Full series have stock, normally 4-6weeks lead time.
3. NXP (Philips): IP4035, IP4041, IP4044, 74, TDA, PMBT and BZX series.
Diodes, Transistor and ICs.
4. INFINEON: BFP740, TDA and BB series.
5. Murata/AVX/Kemet/Yageo/TDK capacitors & resistors
6. Pyroelectric Infrared Radial Sensor ,FARA film capacitors.
7. MBI ,LED Driver IC

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