ES Escalator Parts Company

Telephone: +86 186 5165 5205
Fax: +86 025-57399251
Contact: Tom Wang
Address: No. 3889 Room, LongPan Roan, NanJing
City: NanJing, China
Province: Jiangsu
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ES Escalator Parts Company which is locate in Suzhou city, China. We are a factory based Spare Parts company specialized on the escalator parts support, such as Step, Pallet, Comb, Chain, Rollers, etc. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you about our spare parts which could absolutely benefit to your escalator maintenance work in the most competitive price without the middle trade company.

Our production brands variety includes: OTIS/KONE/ CNIM/ Schinlder / ThyssenKrupp/ LG/ Fujitec etc/ Hyundai/ Mitsubishi/ Hitachi etc.

Having a global view & knowledge of the Maintenance market, we have what you require for your equipment and could greatly reduce your maintenance costs. We can customize your spare part inventory accordingly to your expanding maintenance base.

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