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Zhongshan City, Inglis Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights as a starting point, by virtue of its powerful technical strength products to become an international brand localization innovative technology leader. Head office as early as 1987, it started with a forward-looking energy-saving technology development strategy, in 2000 the implementation of energy-saving products for the Asia-Pacific region to promote planning; Europe and the United States has with China and the multinational Electric Company a technology strategic partnership, a successful introduction of the United States of advanced aerospace combustion technology, through which international technical cooperation in order to gas and energy conservation as a starting point, developed the world's first thermal efficiency as high as 70.6% of the energy-efficient gas-fired stove, its technical performance so far ahead that no one beyond the international market. The energy-saving technology products receive international customer's favor, the product quickly occupied Europe and the United States, Middle East, the Indian market, its unique localization of combustion research and development and China's influence has been international customers call it "China torch." Inglis Appliance With the world's first performance data, creating one after another electrical industry's technology, marketing myths, to become an international big brand localization of the transformation of China's outstanding representatives of miraculous "Chinese torch" sales performance, but also Let's headquarters in Canada colleagues Inglis Chinese localization Transformation of results by surprise. Zhongshan Inglis Electric patented technology involves a number of areas of life in energy-saving appliances and other kitchen appliances all have decent performance. Zhongshan City, Inglis Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., locate in the life of electrical appliances and kitchen appliances manufacturing, research and development. Inglis around the world, like electrical appliances production base in Zhongshan Inglis Electric has established a perfect R & D, production, sales and service integration modern management system for the Chinese consumers of the international quality products and home appliances professional services.

Company's main production and operation of household appliances: refrigerators, automatic washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, water heaters, gas stoves, dryers, dishwashers, sterilization cabinets, smoke machines, dehumidifiers, etc., all kinds of large, medium, Small-scale electrical appliances, kitchen appliances.

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