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Telephone: 86-0532-85621992
Fax: 86-0532-85653181
Contact: Liu yifan
Address: Room 1504,Jinxiang Building,No.171 Shandong Road
City: Qingdao, China
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We aspire to take the business mode of overseas B2C and the ladyshow online function through the ladydiy show platform to realize the pursuit of fashion model and meet the demand of those fashion ladies overseas for the track to fashion and caring services appeal.We take the means of online diy, through the wigs sales as the core carrier to realize the B2C shopping. Our localtion Qingdao city of China is a beautiful coastal city, as the world's most respected wig origin,and the capital of oanaments.To meet your personanlized needs, we are fully involved in the prosess of customizing and providing continuous reliable supply. So we carefully selected and established the following series products to meet the need of a fashion model mix:hairwigs,wig accessories,headdress,bags,jewelry,glasses,scarves,sundrygoods. To meet your inner demands of "beauty from the head and happy created by the heart", we realized the fully personalized customization and the mix build of the suit to meet the pursuit of ?My image should be decided by myself?. We wil crack the complaints that there is always lacking one piece which you can?t buy. We aspire to innovate the B2C shopping experience, through our good products, to accept the good experience from the customer to realize a better life.We also want to take this opportunity to promote our advantaged products of Qingdao to walk to the world and grow together.

Target customers: the fashion lady,overseas ;The core market is America,Europe and Africa.
Product features: follow the fashion trend and reflect personal taste
Product category: 1. High-end customized product series (Personalized customization;We could make delivery for three days;Exchange and return service)
2. Freesample product series (Large amount of high quality and reasonable price; Exchange service)

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