Xi'an Feida Bio-tech Co., Ltd

Website: www.xafeida.cn
Telephone: 86-29-81907590
Fax: 86-29-88891598
Contact: Daniel Yang
Address: Room 1-601, Block C, ZhongTian International Apartments, South TaiBai Road, Xi'an
City: Xi'an, China
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Xi'an Feida Bio-tech Co., Ltd is an enterprise founded and powered by an outstanding team of scholars and experts with unsurpassed overseas education ,training and experience.Our company is dedicated to the research and modernization of Chinese traditional medicine while focusing on the extraction and isolation of active monocompounds from natural herbs ,GAP planting and caring of Chinese herbs ,analysis of their fingerprints ,and exploration ,production and sales of standard herbal extracts.In addition ,our company is also involved in the synthesis and hemi-synthesis of intermediates.As a modern hi-tech business of extraordinary potential ,the company enjoys a wide range of economic incentives and privileges offered by the local and provincial governments. Our company is fully armed with advanced research and production equipment in our modern research laboratories and manufacturing plant with a combined operation system for extracting ,chromatography,crystallizing and drying of elements of value from natural herbs.We have adopted a well tested and proven research and production management model that guides every step of our operation at all levels ,supported by a professional team of experts and college graduates in the area of management ,supervision and quality control. Our company's goal is to become a leading force in the modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine industry through continuous innovation ,research and expansion of customer base.We also want to make that the brand Sino-herb means high quality products,first-class technology and good service.

Resveratrol,Polydatin,Genistein,Silybin,Puerarin,Emodin,Paclitaxel,Sinomenin,Icariin,Piperine, Tanshiones II A, Matrine ,Oxymatrine, Reserpine,Octacosanol,Rutin,Quercetin.

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