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We are Foshan Fal Far East Aluminum Industry Co., LTD ,the largest and most technically advanced metal wall making enterprise in China. We are mainly involved in the research and manufacturing of high-tech wall products, such as curtain wall honeycomb aluminum plated, curtain wall fluorine carbon aluminum single plate, etc. Our company is the first one to introduce computer-controlled automatic high-temperature compounded honeycomb aluminum plate production line, which is internationally advanced in technology. In order to expand our products into worldwide, we wish to express our desire to enter into business relationship with you. please let us know if we may be of further assistant, and your early reply will be appreciated! Best wishes!

Product Characteristics
1.Light 2.Good rigidity 3.Flat and Straight
4.Good at wind-proof and pressing-proof
5.Fire-proof 6.Easy to process and shape7.Good at climate-proof
8.Good intensity 9.Good at sound and heart insulation
10.Good at reducing vibration 11.Green building material 12.Energy-saving and Environmental Protection

We adopt advanced continuous high-temperature compounding technology from German Alhigerman, uses high-intensity heat plastic adhesion system, changes the low production proficiency and high product random of traditional hand-made and single plate producing technique and overcomes the shortcomings of traditional techniques for crispness and hardness adhesion system, "FAL" aluminum honeycomb plate is all made of aluminum. Therefore it is recyclable and good for environmental protection. It is quite light in weight and high in intensity. It can be widely used. For building, it can be used for those super high and super big buildings in some special regions which need high wind-pressing intensity. It can also meet requirements for large lattice of some buildings. This product also has good flatness and good for processing.

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