Guangzhou Ace-pokerking Co.,Ltd

Telephone: 86-20-28250392
Fax: 86-20-28250392
Contact: Belinda
Address: Sanyuanli,
City: Guangzhou, China
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Guangzhou A-pokerking Co, Ltd company is a company to sell products for : Private poker gambling; Party gambling; Private casino; Poker match; Magic show. Personal protection against gambling games We represent a company that is both the producer and the provider of the newest technology in the field of gambling for all world class players. We have big factories and powerful basis, can offer any gamble cheating device you need.

Guangzhou Ace-pokerking Co., Ltd is the first Chinese company which was granted a License for manufacaturing, distribution, and service of ceiasino and gamble cheat related devices,such as Smart Poker Automatic Analytical Software,Poker Smoothsayer.

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