China Nantong Xinglong Lace Machine Co., Ltd.

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Contact: Zhang Xixiang
Address: Xingren Town, Tongzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
City: China
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China Nantong Xinglong Lance Machine Co.,Ltd. is a well-known Chinese enterprise engaging in the development and production of braiding machine. With its long-term accumulated professional experience, advanced organizational system and the creative spirit to pursue excellence, the Company has led other Chinese companies in the industry with its Xinglong branded product both in term of quality and quantity. Now the Company has become a major force from Chinese Textile Machinery industry to stand up to the challenge of the global competition.

As a high-tech product from Chinese Jiangsu province, the PTH typed Jacquard Weaving Machine of Xing Long brand was successively awarded as "National Key New Product", "Chinese Product of Fine Quality", "Chinese Brand with Reliable Quality and Superior Service". The product's performance and quality has reached or is approaching the level of famous Global brands, therefore, it has a ready market in domestic Chinese market as well as many other markets such as India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The PTH64/55, PTH96/55 are the improved type of PTH64 and PTH96. The pivotal part is needle bearing it can work handier. The spindle distance changed from 45mm to 55mm. It's improved the volume of the thread and the thickness of the lace and reduce the joint of the thread and can use the thick thread. All these make the lace richer and more varied.

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