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V-mart company has invented a new model ---photocatalyst mosquito trap. It earns many patent rights in china. Compared to the old mosquito trap. photocatalyst series is more effective and work without noise. It is a new star in industry of environmental protection, which due to its multiple use of high technique, such as Ultraviolet Rays,CO2 (Carbon Dioxide),Wind and Heat.. It is a new star in the environmental mosquito trap industry because Of its multiple use of decoy technique, such as Ultraviolet rays, CO2, wind and heat.

V-Mart Photocatalyst Mosquito Trap is an environment-protection product. It can decoy and capture mosquito by tripartite system, heat, near ultraviolet ray and carbon dioxide. Photocatalyst can not only produce carbon dioxide which is harmless to human being,but also can purify air and sterilize bacteria.
V-Mart Photocatalyst Mosquito Trap is newfashioned .The near ultraviolet ray does not interrupt sleep.It works without noise,toxin and smell. It is easy to clean ,only need to open the capture net at seat . It?s smart and easy to take along with .Widely used in bedroom ,hall ,yard ,farms,hospitals,schools and so on .
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