VACtt Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd

Telephone: 0086-755-29682435
Fax: 0086-755-29683231
Contact: Fangming
Address: No. 417, Industrial Park Rd, Dalang, Longhua, Baoan, Shenzhen
City: Shenzhen, China
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We are supplier and exporter of EAS system, EAS accessories, metal detector, walkie-talkie, and video surveillance products in China. At VACTT, our commitment is to ensure products' quality and to serve our customers in the best manner possible. As the world went global, so did we. In 2008 we brought on our first international customer, but not our last. Since then, our customer base has spanned nearly 20 countries, with an extensive range of products that cater to varies needs.

VACTT ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD has been providing quality products and service to our customers throughout China and abroad since Feb 2008. Our company is based in Shenzhen, China. Our item selection caters to retail loss prevention, merchandise security, public security, and wireless communication. Products include EAS detection system, security tags, labels, deactivation, EAS accessories, metal detectors, X-Ray scanner, intercom and CCTV products. VACTT is committed to providing quality products and quick, professional and courteous service to its customers.

Our activities are based on mutual trust and flexible cooperation with our customers at every stage of the work. We stand 100 percent behind the quality of our products. With the high quality and reliability of our services, we have always been able to fulfill our customers' requirements and establish long-term relationships with our clients from all over the world.

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